Yale University. Hellenic Studies Program

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  2. 2001
    1. Yale University
    1. Καλύβας, Στάθης Ν. (1964-)
    1. The Program for Hellenic Studies under the umbrella of the European Studies Council at The MacMillan Center supports and coordinates the study of post-Antiquity Hellenic culture and civilization. Established in July 2001 with the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and from 2007 onwards funded by the Stavros Niarchos Center for Hellenic Studies at Yale, the Program organizes lectures, symposia, conferences and supports faculty and student scholarly activities, as well as cultural events. The Program of Hellenic Studies offers a comprehensive program of instruction in the modern Greek language at the elementary, intermediate and advanced levels and cooperates closely with the Center for Language Study at Yale University for the development of technology-based teaching aids for the acquisition and mastering of modern Greek and the enrichment of other Hellenic oriented courses. In addition, the Program offers a variety of courses in modern Greek literature and culture as well as in Ottoman and modern Greek history providing students with the opportunity to study post-classical Greece in a broad geographical, historical, and comparative context. The Program also fosters courses in other departments, including Byzantine history and Byzantine history of art.

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